San Diego is a great sports community.

However, many schools, clubs and organizations need help in making their sports programs even greater.

Randy Jones' "Santa Maria Style" Barbecue, Inc. A NON PROFIT CORPORATION (in organization) was created to help those programs.

Randy Jones is an authentic San Diego sports legend whose love and knowledge of sports is exceeded only by his enormous energy and generosity towards his community.

Santa Maria Barbecue, is an authentic "Century Old Tradition of Helping & Hospitality" responsible for tens of millions of dollars in support for youth sports throughout California.

Truly authentic Santa Maria Barbecue was first introduced to San Diego in 1989 by Ed Catano and Buckboard Brands Catering with his unique signature Buckboard Barbecue Pits. Since leaving San Diego in 2001, truly authentic Santa Maria Barbecue has been hard to find.


Randy Jones and Ed Catano have teamed up to reintroduce truly authentic Santa Maria Barbecue to San Diego and to make a difference in our community.

Weather looking to raise funds for your organization or to experience truly authentic "Santa Maria Barbecue" for your company picnic, business meeting, wedding or other special event contact us today.

We are experienced, dedicated and ready to help.